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It was only a few years ago when the only people who had access to other people’s personal information were licensed private investigators, police detectives and the federal government. Now, with newly passed laws and databases available at the click of your mouse, you too can investigate and locate practically anyone – job applicants, potential dates, neighbors, lost relatives, even friends. Using our 100% legal and fully organized database links, you will have access to complete research tools for obtaining the information you want about practically anyone in the United States, UK and Canada! Get started now!

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Reverse lookup is an extremely powerful search technology to find out information about someone. If you have one piece of information, like a phone number, a cell phone number, a mailing address or even just an email address for example, you can run a reverse lookup on that info and find lots of additional information about the owner instantly!

Reverse Phone Lookup
Get INSTANT ACCESS to owner information, address history, carrier, and location details for any phone number. Database coverage includes cell, residential, business, pager, toll-free, and unlisted numbers. Your search is 100% confidential.

Reverse cell phone lookup is the last in line of personal information gathering technologies available to regular people just by browsing the web. Reverse look up enables any one of us to research who is the owner of a particular phone number no matter whether it is cell phone, toll-free, or regular phone.

With a few clicks of the mouse and for free or for a few dollars you can gather all the private information available in the public records! You can look up all the public records, various criminal and adoption records, hidden assets and many more details. There is a complete life history of the person lying threadbare on the net. It is actually a little scary also.

You may even make the search with the help of cell numbers disconnected 10 years ago. It is very helpful if you are trying to find the current address of a long lost friend. In case of land line numbers they may even provide you with information with numbers as old as 20 years!

There are many online services which provide this facility either for free or a small fee. You may find it unbelievable, but for a small fee you may get the personal information which is available in public records like his criminal and civil cases, marriage and divorce details. You can find out about anyone’s drunken driving arrests, his birth and adoption records, bankruptcy details, his family history, his FBI files and many other interesting stuff!

Computer chips have made it possible for technologies like reverse cell phone lookup to track down cell phone numbers location with the help of a GPS system.

US government already has a number of strict privacy protection laws that maintain your rights and prevent your most private information from being made available to the public. However, with rapid advancement of technology it is hard even for government to keep up with it and pass the laws that can protect you completely.