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All Records Search™ is the premiere online information and records search provider where it’s ALWAYS free to search. One of the many things ARS can provide is a variety of different levels of background checks including a date check. This information can be invaluable for protecting yourself against potential physical harm, sexual assaults or worse, fraud and financial crimes and much more.

The information that you will receive in a date check can help you make informed decisions about the people you date, trust and fall in love with.

Being Victimized: The Biggest Worry Of All

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a women is raped somewhere in America every two minutes and one in four women in the US will be victims of rape or attempted rape sometime during their lifetimes. Here are some more truly staggering statistics about rape:

  • 84% of victims knew their attacker
  • 57% happened while on dates (date rape)
  • 55% had been drinking or taking drugs before the attack occurred

These statistics demonstrate a clear trend. Women need to take steps – many are common sense – to protect themselves. Fortunately one of the most basic – an instant background check on your potential suitor(s) – is fast, cheap and 100% confidential. And not only will this type of dating check reveal criminal background information, you can also learn lots of other valuable information as well.

Date Check: “An Ounce of Prevention”

The old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” couldn’t be more true or applicable than when it comes to dating. And while dating new people is fun and exciting, it is not without risks.

All risks do not come in the form of date rape either. You, of course, want to go into any new or potential relationship with full knowledge and make sure you’re dating a person without a checkered past; or even someone who is currently married.

An instant date check using ARS can reveal things in a person’s past such as whether or not they have been arrested for stalking, assault, sexual offenses, fraud or any other arrests or criminal activity for that matter.

Here are some other items that are included in a date check:

  • Current address and up to 10 year history with listed phone numbers
  • Relatives, roommates and neighbors
  • Bankruptcies, Tax Liens and Small Claims Civil Judgments
  • Home Value and Property Ownership
  • Aircraft and Watercraft Ownership

Enhanced marriage and divorce details can include:

  • Filing Type, Date and Number
  • City for Marriage and Divorce
  • Name, Age and Residence of Husband
  • Name, Age and Residence of Wife
  • Grounds for Divorce

Be safe. Be smart. Be informed. Run a dating check BEFORE you date someone new!