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Government Records

This type of physical records serves government purposes for security and information. Since it is a record it must be factual. These records are somehow considered private and confidential; thus, one can only access these records when a custodian grants access of them.

This kind of record is looked and duplicated from the records custodian at board of education or municipal building, and in some degree of government like your county, states agencies and local, county and state authorities.

Nowadays, when technology is used as communication, some messages are through emails. This type of messages can be considered government records depending on the content or the subject matter of an email. They can be considered government records not only by its content but also when these messages are made or received for an official business through public employees and agencies.

These records are considered confidential and thus, it is not that easy to see or access them. It must be noted that custodian requires a filled form from every public agency before allowing anyone can access the records. Any individual must follow the process to maintain confidentiality of the records.

After a custodian receives the form, the custodian may grant access to a specific record not more than seven days from the filing of the given request. When after a search and a custodian finds a specific record unavailable, the custodian must provide a time of its availability. The custodian and the individual who made the request must make some arrangements to access the file.

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