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County records is a type of registry in a country that provides an individual with documents like birth and death certificates, certificate of marriage, business records and professional registration.

  • Birth certificates – are vital records that tell us the birth of an individual, the date and time of birth, the parents of the child, the doctor involved, among others. This type of certificate certifies the identity of the child to be registered. In some jurisdictions, this record might not contain the name of the doctor or the midwife. It is important to document this type of file because a child might use this in the future especially in legal matters.

  • Death certificates – is a type of document certified by a medical practitioner with regard to the death of an individual. This includes the filing of information that states the person’s location and date of death and the cause of the person’s death. Then this will be entered to the official register of death. In case of investigation purposes such as those of the FBI, this kind of document is very helpful to establish truth and gather facts to solve cases especially if the death is unnatural.

  • Marriage certificates – is an official record of the bond between a couple who have undergone a wedding ceremony, may it be done by the Church pastor or a mayor. This certifies that a person, from being single, had a transition to married life. This record tells a researcher about the date and location of marriage, the individual who administered the ceremony, among others. This certifies the status of any person in a country and this is helpful when required for any employment.

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