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In the world we dwell these days, we get involve with different people. We meet friends from our work, school, and other places. We are social beings and it is inevitable that we look for someone to mingle with, to spend at least a little time. But what if those people we encounter harm us and we do not know them? That’s where civil registry becomes more effective and important since civil registry helps an individual get protected when it comes to civil rights. Not only that, civil registry can provide vital statistics for us. In the United States for example, the Office of Vital Statistics keep records of birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates. Some records – divorce records, name change records and mortgage records among others – are kept by the Clerk of Court.

Civil Registry

Civil registration is the system by which a government records the vital events of its citizens and residents. The resulting repository or database is called civil register or registry, or population registry. The primary purpose of civil registration is to create legal documents that are used to establish and protect the civil rights of individuals. A secondary purpose is to create a data source for the compilation of vital statistics. In most countries, there is a legal requirement to notify the relevant authority of any life event which affects the registry.
The United Nations defines civil registration as “the continuous, permanent, compulsory and universal recording of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events pertaining to the population as provided through decree or regulation in accordance with the legal requirements of a country.

Civil registration is carried out primarily for the purpose of establishing the legal documents provided by the law. These records are also a main source of vital statistics. Complete coverage, accuracy and timeliness of civil registration are essential for quality vital statistics.
Vital events that are typically recorded include live birth, death, fetal death, marriage, divorce, annulment of marriage, judicial separation of marriage, adoption, legitimization and recognition. Additionally, in some countries, immigration, emigration, and any change of residence may require notification. Among the legal documents that are derived from civil registration are birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates.

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It is necessary that the country must maintain factual information with regard to civil since the civil rights are at stake here. If civil records are not accurate, the civil rights of the individuals may not be protected and the domino effect is that the citizens may not trust the government when it comes to security.
The civil registry is composed of legal documents and thus it is important to have them for legal purposes. When it comes to legal documents, the most common information that an individual desire are birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates. It is very important to record them because they can also help our census. The most benefiting effect of these data is that the community may prosper economically. Thus, it is important to participate in this purposeful type of records.

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