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All Records Search™ is the premiere free criminal records search provider where it’s ALWAYS free to search. ARS is home to one of the most powerful and easy-to-use multi-database search platforms in the United States. With it, you will have unlimited access to an unprecedented collection of accurate, up-to-date public records from tens of thousands of databases throughout the US. You will be able access, review and search criminal records and conduct unlimited, in-depth research. You can even download and print records right to your desk.

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Public criminal records, which are also known as ‘rap sheets’, are documents that contain a person’s personal identification details, legal status and a listing of any crimes for which they have been arrested, charged or convicted. It is the responsibility of the state government, usually courts and law enforcement agencies, to keep the criminal records of each of its citizens updated and accurate. Even if an individual has never been convicted of a crime, a criminal record check will normally include instances and details of any arrests. You can also find more information in court records, inmate records, jail records, police records, prison records and sex offenders.

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Criminal files are the crime records of any criminal activity that someone has engaged in and may have been prosecuted or convicted for. Since criminal records are considered public records, these are readily available to people who wish to conduct background checks for one reason or the other. Criminal documents, compared to civil court files, definitely bear more weight when it comes to the assessment of an individual and his or her character. Criminal records are frequently requested by employers, landlord, educational institutions and even local police or other law enforcement authorities. The latter usually pulls an individual’s criminal record to check on a suspect’s past records and/or to help prosecutors determine the most appropriate sentence.

There are also reasons why YOU should access crime records such as if you are planning to employ someone or you simply want to check up on somebody (a suspicious neighbor, a potential business partner, etc.). If you have been convicted of a crime before, you may want to access your own criminal files before a potential business partner or employer gets to them. It is best to come prepared by familiarizing yourself with the contents of the criminal file and work on having them permanently closed, especially if charges have been dropped or dismissed.

Quite a number of criminal documents are available via our online service, giving the general public a comprehensive search of different kinds of criminal records and criminal files. These include federal fugitive files, probation records, prison parole files and searches that include both state and county repositories for criminal records Remote access to criminal files allows you to retrieve the information by demand, whenever the situation calls for it. Employers can make quicker hiring decisions and business owners can decide on partnerships and joint ventures without doubting the credibility of their associates.

Laws for accessing criminal records vary from one state to another. Traditionally, criminal records are requested in person, on the phone or through fax. This often comes after a laborious search for the right courthouse and submission of required documents and corresponding fees. Online criminal record search, on the other hand, is available instantly without all the trouble.

Once these criminal records are transferred to an online repository, requests can come through and approvals for disclosing the information can be accomplished in much less time. Although there are many websites that offer free access to crime records, other companies on the Internet will require you to pay a minimal fee to cull information from a variety of sources.

These online companies also have standardized formats for easier investigation and comprehension. They also provide summarized descriptions of each of the items that turn up in a search so that you do not need to read through all of the documents in detail. And because the criminal record data is accessible via the Internet, you can run a free criminal records search 24/7.

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