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All Records Searchâ„¢ is the premiere free court records search provider where it’s ALWAYS free to search. ARS is one of the most powerful and easiest to use multi-database search platforms in America and with it, you will have unlimited access to a truly unprecedented collection of accurate, up-to-date public records from tens of thousands of courts throughout the United States. You will be able access, review and search court records, conduct unlimited, in-depth research and even download and print them right to your desk.

Whether you’re searching for proceedings from a county court hearing in your local jurisdiction or a district court or circuit court across the country, our online tools make getting the records you need a very simple matter.

You can also access public criminal records and public arrest records.

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Free Court Records Search

In times past, it used to be that securing court documents or a record of court proceedings was an expensive, inconvenient and time-consuming task, but thanks to the internet and ARS, that is no longer the case. The ARS portal can aid in the process of researching, locating, requesting and downloading whatever records you need from just about any jurisdiction in the country. These records are an integral part of any thorough criminal background check and can help anyone that needs to make important decisions about a wide variety of things from lending money, extending offers of credit, offers of employment, promotions, security clearances, access to sensitive information or property – even a dating check.

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Records are available for a variety of different courts including public, superior, small claims, municipal, city, county, state, federal, criminal, probate, circuit, district, bankruptcy, family, divorce and civil. Generally speaking, these are the types of court documents that you can expect to find include:

  • Criminal Proceedings: Records of criminal proceedings are almost always available for public viewing once a case is closed. This can include everything from findings and sentencing reports to transcripts of the actual hearings themselves. The only time that records of criminal proceedings are not usually available is in the case of juveniles or for those who have had special proceedings. Also, in the case of rape or sexual crimes, victims’ names might be withheld by the court to protect the victims.

  • Bankruptcy Proceedings: Whether these are for corporations or private individuals, bankruptcy records are typically open public records Findings and creditors will are usually listed, but personal information such as Social Security numbers are generally withheld by the court.

  • Divorce Proceedings: Divorce proceedings, as with criminal proceedings, especially involving minors, might not be fully open to the public, but findings generally will be.

  • Civil Court Proceedings: Almost without exception these records and their transcripts will be available for people to see once the cases are closed by the court.

  • Grand Jury Proceedings: These records are very often closed and transcripts are not even available until such time as the court deems it acceptable to release information. The records of findings and rulings are sometimes more readily accessible.

Free Court Records

Cases dealing with contracts, damage to property and personal injury all fall under civil court filings. Family civil records cover those about divorce, child support, child custody and alimony. Juvenile filings are those individuals under the age of 18 as well as those cases involving child abuse.

If it pertains to buying, renting or leasing a property, then this will fall under landlord, tenant or real estate civil filings. Probate court refers to those cases that deal with personal affairs including name changes, guardianship, transferring an estate and determining inheritance through a will.

The idea of electronic court documents being made available online was initially met with great opposition due to privacy concerns. However, most county and state courts believe that since these are matters of public record anyway, making them available online improved access and could potentially cut down on personnel costs. However they are delivered, it remains of utmost importance that court documents remain accessible to the public to prove the integrity and transparency of the judicial system.

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