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Need To Run An Asset Search Free?

An asset search is an in-depth research report that is conducted by someone who is trying to prove the existence of, or discover the extent and precise whereabouts of, financial assets; specifically assets such as money, bank accounts, vehicles and watercraft, real property (real estate), art, collectibles and other property of value that is owned by someone else.

How to Conduct an Asset Search

If you are filing for divorce or considering marriage, entering into a business partnership or are otherwise pursuing legal action against another individual or business, conducting an asset search ahead of time is the best way to discover how truthful the person has been with you about fully disclosing their holdings.

Conducting such a search on your own would require considerable time and money visiting a variety of different public offices and other sources, paying required search and document fees at each one. And even then, you will always have to wonder if you missed something.

In order to be sure you have a clear picture of the property and assets owned by a person or business of interest, you need to gain access to the following:

  • Address and Phone Number(s)
  • Marital Status and Age
  • Established Wealth
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Business Name
  • Yearly sales figures
  • Business Assets
  • Number of Employees
  • Co-owner(s)
  • Primary Owner on Title
  • Property Information
  • Phone Numbers and Details
  • Mortgage Records
  • House Purchase and Current Value
  • Possible Neighbors
  • Automobile Ownership Records
  • Aircraft Ownership Records
  • Vessel Ownership Records
  • And more!

Search Public Records and Locate Anyone!

The sum of this available information can help determine if someone has hidden assets in a relative’s name or created a business in order to shelter them or even attempted to transfer them offshore.

You may also determine if there are already existing liens or judgments against a person or business, coming to your own conclusions about their level of financial stability. Using a combination of private and public databases, you can gain access to more available information regarding assets owned by your search subject.

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