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Birth records contain a wealth of information about a person’s birth including the date of birth, place of birth, the names of the mother and father and frequently the physician who attended the birth. Birth certificates issued by state and local governments will often also include the place of residence and the mother’s maiden name.

Aside from adoption records, birth records can also be an excellent resource for finding one’s birth parents. They can help you trace where your original hometown is and determine if there are still any locals who you may be related to or who were acquainted with any of your relatives. Whether you are conducting an ancestor search, researching your geneology and piecing together your family history, building a family tree or conducting research on someone else’s family for a book or an article, retrieving birth documents is a most obvious starting point.

Birth certificates are usually issued within six months after the birth. The county clerk’s office, health department or office of vital records is usually the government agency that will keep permanent copies of birth documents in a given location.

Birth Certificates

People primarily access birth records as part of one’s search for his/her genealogy. These records are known as eyewitness accounts, the earliest and most accurate record of someone’s birth, recognized for having been around since the early 1900s. And for many people, birth documents can help one fill in the missing spaces in one’s family tree or determine the rightful heir or ancestor to someone’s estate.

Birth records have been a great help to many genealogy and family history researchers, as well as adoptee searches for birth parents, providing valuable information and clues to an ancestor’s or relative’s birth. Over the last few years, many people and organizations have been publishing birth record archives on the Internet. Some with thousands of records, others with millions.

Birth Records: The Beginning of Everything

Birth Records

Almost all birth records have now been transcribed from copies of the originals and made available online. This is great news as it saves you the trouble of searching through piles of paper or hundreds of reels of microfilm, which are very tedious to peruse. Although some discrepancies and typographical errors cannot be avoided, these are often the result of inaccuracies found in the originals, instead of the transcribed copies. Since most birth documents date back several decades, some entries may have been provided with illegible handwriting or incomplete information.

Searching for birth records online may sometimes be time-consuming so try to provide the most specific details first and then generalize gradually if negative results appear. You can also try for common misspellings of names to see if anything turns up and utilize wild card searches, whenever possible. Online searches for birth certificates allow you the freedom to try numerous possibilities so that you can find the right record in a lot less time.

When searching for birth records online, you can go directly to the government office website or conduct the search through a third party company. It is often more economical to go straight to the government office but they will require you to provide them with the necessary information to retrieve the birth records. With a third party company, on the other hand, you can provide the bare minimum of data and they can do all the legwork for you.

Through ARS you will check thousands of sources, public databases, and proprietary search databases and be able to view birth records within seconds and you’ll get the exact birth records or birth certificate you need; easily, effortlessly and economically. You can use our database as a genealogy tool for researching your relatives or finding that missing link.

Our database can be used to find friends or relatives, investigate employees and neighbors, research genealogy or conduct an ancestor search. Our database of information includes first name, last name, state, city, and date of birth. With our partners help we are able to offer more comprehensive reports such as background checks, sex offender lookup, property records and much more. These records are great to find more information on whoever you are researching.

Birth records and certificates are very important in various processes like obtaining a passport, getting a state-issued ID card, getting a security clearance or just doing family history research. We are a recognized and trusted online public records information provider; utilize our network of multiple data sources to find the exact records you are looking for. Get the data you need, delivered from thousands of sources, public and private, quickly and conveniently right to your computer.

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