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Oh times, they are a changin’. Criminal background checks have, unfortunately, become ‘a necessary evil’ of modern life and nowadays are very much the rule rather than the exception; and for good reason.

Increasing, unprecedented (and often predictable) acts of violence sweeping through schools, colleges, universities, the military and the workplace, secret affiliations with hate and terror related groups, financially motivated workplace theft, stress-fueled workplace bullying and violence, shootings, assaults, date-rape, child and spousal abuse and murder, arrests for drugs, DUI, domestic violence, computer crimes, identity theft, prostitution, financial scams, investment fraud, internet crimes, ponzi schemes, teachers having sex with minors, registered sex offenders living amongst us; well, the list just seems to go on and on.

Who Needs To Run a Background Check?

The short answer is “everyone” because everyone is at risk of loss from dangerous, deceptive, dishonest people.

This should come as no surprise. The most troubling symptom of this growing trend is that the American public has become so polarized and tolerant of dishonesty and deception that it permitted a sitting US President to spend $4,000,000+ in taxpayer dollars just to conceal his own questionable past. With a moral compass like that, it’s no wonder people and companies must now assume dishonesty and are left to rely on criminal background searches to reveal the truth.

Honesty is a rare commodity indeed. It’s gotten so bad in fact, that an entire industry of background investigations, drug testing and a host of other pre employment screening services has sprung up over the last two decades dedicated to the sole purpose of exposing liars, cheats and drug users to would-be employers. Keep in mind that this is an entire industry that was practically non-existent just 20 years ago but now employs millions of people worldwide with a singular purpose; uncovering and exposing dishonesty and deceit.

Learn the truth about “Free Background Checks”

Make No Mistake; We Are Surrounded By Deceptive, Dishonest and Treacherous People

Tens of millions of people in this country (many with whom we and our children interact daily) have chosen to conceal a multitude of dark deeds from their past. Many of those deeds, if exposed in time, could serve as warning signs, foretelling of future dishonesty, poor moral character, lack of integrity, financial indiscretions, fiscal mismanagement, criminal behavior, sexual offenses, police arrest records and other “legal entanglements”, jail or prison time, past domestic abuse, violent tendencies and other illicit behavior.

Background Checks

When you consider what all is at stake, there’s just no such thing as ‘too careful’ anymore. And when you consider how fast, easy and affordable it is to get up to date, ongoing, full time protection for yourself and your loved ones, there’s just no such thing as a ‘good enough excuse’ not to protect yourself and your children anymore – starting today.

So how do you protect yourself? How can an average person, without a top secret government security clearance, run an unlimited number of background searches on people that they and their kids live, work and interact with to determine who has a checkered past and who is safe to trust?

ARS; that’s how.

A Constant Need For Reliable, High-Quality Instant Criminal Background Checks

Of course, most people with “skeletons in their closet” tend not to be very honest or forthcoming when it comes to revealing their past deeds. Concealing information on job applications is just the beginning; dishonesty is also commonplace among romantic interests, spouses, friends, colleagues, coworkers, teachers, professors, doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, domestic help, nannies, baby-sitters, tenants and renters, investment opportunities, professional advisors and potential business partners as well.

The point is, you need a fast, reliable, affordable and cost-effective way to check up on people as they come into your life; not just one person one time and then forget about it. You need constant, on-call availability.

It’s no wonder online background checks have become the new normal – and the first line of defense – for employers, landlords and really, just about anyone else who is considering getting involved with someone whether it be romantic, a professional or financial relationship, hiring domestic help or childcare, looking for sex offenders in your neighborhood or just checking out your daughter’s new boyfriend or the folks who moved in across the street.

While blissfully ignorant people may call it paranoia, the rest of us call it “environmental awareness” or “being proactively prepared”.

Whatever you call it, it’s far better to be knowledgable than to remain in the dark. People have the right, and a responsibility, to protect themselves and their loved ones using the latest technology and information; information that is quickly and easily available to you right now through ARS.

What Is The Best Background Check For Me? How Much Info Is Enough?

Not everyone needs a top secret security clearance so an FBI or NCIC background check isn’t always what’s needed. Instead, we have different types and different levels of background search, depending on the precise nature and depth of information you are looking for. We offer pre employment screening and public arrest records search in addition to instant and full-blown background investigations and criminal background searches that include additional due diligence and even expert-assisted searches to make sure nothing gets missed:

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Background Checks
  • $19.95 Basic Background Check if someone has any bankruptcies, small claim civil judgments, tax liens or criminal records.

  • $39.95 Background ReportAdvanced Background Report includes criminal search, plus current address, phone number, associates, civil judgements and more.

  • $49.95 Advanced People Locate PlusOur most affordable background check!

  • $59.95 SSN Advanced Background ReportGet a detailed background report, including current address, phone number, civil judgments, plus a criminal records search. The most accurate way to access background information.

  • $99.95 Enhanced Background Civil SearchExpert Background Plus includes a 7 year history of Civil Lawsuits, and comprehensive background details, including bankruptcies, civil judgments, property values and more.

  • $99.95 Expert-Assisted BackgroundExpert Background includes a nationwide criminal records search, plus comprehensive background details.

  • $99.95 SSN Expert-Assisted Background ReportOur most comprehensive search: complete details from our entire network of public record databases.

  • $129.95 Expert-Assisted Background PlusOur most comprehensive background report includes a 7 year history of Civil Lawsuit, plus a nationwide criminal record search.

Criminal Records | Criminal Search
  • $39.95 Instant State Criminal SearchEasily determine if someone has a criminal record in a specific state.

  • $59.95 Instant Nationwide Criminal Search Get results from 43 different state databases!

  • $295.00 Due Diligence with Criminal Search Get a Due Diligence report that includes 3 Civil Lawsuit searches plus 7 year court history, nationwide criminal records search and 3 county courthouse searches.

Dating Check
  • $24.95 Comprehensive DateMate SearchFind out everything you need to know! Our comprehensive DateMate product combines our Advanced Background Check with a statewide criminal check and our Enhanced Marriage and Divorce Search.

Free Background Search
  • Free Background Check – The term ‘free’ is actually something of a misnomer because you do have to pay a nominal access fee, but these are good, basic searches that you can run yourself.

Employment Background Check: The Employer’s New Liability Nigare

There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s called “should have known”. It’s official title is “negligent hiring”.

Because background information is so affordable and so readily available in the form of instant background checks and in-depth online criminal background investigations, over the last decade or so when lawsuits are leveled at companies after their employees are injured or killed, courts have stood shoulder-to-shoulder and routinely take the position that those companies, with only minimal and reasonable efforts at due diligence, “should have known” who they were hiring, especially when a subsequent background check reveals any sort of warning signs that would have raised suspicious ‘red flags’ had the company bothered to run a routine search. Punitive damages for negligent hiring often run into the 6, 7 and even 8 figure range.

“Need Cost Justification? That’s Easy…

“Our online background checks start at about $20 and even the most expensive, full-blown, comprehensive 7-year background investigation we offer costs under $300. Now compare that to the human suffering and financial costs of just ONE major lawsuit resulting from just ONE foreseeable, avoidable event like a major theft, discrimination, a rape, a death, sexual harassment or a sexual assault or some other violent act.
What about the cost of TWO? Or FIVE? Or TEN?

Just ONE event would exponentially exceed the cost of DECADES of background searches and pre-employment screening. How much more cost justification do you need than that?”

Any business that employs people should always do an employment background check on all job applicants prior to hiring, simply to protect itself against claims for negligent hiring. Employers are considered negligent if they fail to identify “foreseeable negative conduct” where there was a documented history of such conduct in the form of free public arrest records, court and police records, prior convictions, prior job terminations, etc.

Background checks should also be done on employees who will handle financial data or other sensitive information. When you consider the time and expense associated with recruiting, hiring, and training employees, the idea of verifying background details just makes good sense.