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The most common use for public arrest records is as a component of a criminal background check.

Arrest Records

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Employers who run free background checks on potential employees can use the ARS free arrest records search online to run a nationwide search for federal arrest records, state arrest records and municipal police arrest records and instantly find out if the employee qualifies for the job.

Free Arrest Records

Free public arrest records contain a wealth of information about criminal history as it relates to an individual being placed under arrest for any reason. Because they are public, arrest records and arrest warrants can be obtained by the public upon request, but requesting individual records from every law enforcement repository in the country would be extremely time intensive and costly.

Arrest Records

Any good quality criminal background check will include a public arrest record search and with most places, it is now standard procedure to run such a check prior to extending an offer of employment; primarily for employee safety as well as to avoid future liability issues and costly litigation.

An arrest record includes biographical information including the age when an individual committed the crime. Also, it contains information about the law enforcement officer and the agency that arrested the person, plus the date, time and circumstances surrounding the arrest. Some records also include narrative and notes from the arresting officer.

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State criminal records and police arrest records, along with inmate records, jail records and prison records, are stored in counties and state repositories. Federal criminal records, on the other hand, are crimes committed at federal levels such as drug trafficking.

Employers can use these records to assist them with hiring and termination of employees, although certain restrictions are implemented to avoid abusing the information. An employer can use arrest records to know if the applicant has any pending charges or prior arrests or convictions in the past.

Police arrest records consist of violations and records of committed crimes such as minor infractions, felonies, traffic violations, criminal misdemeanors and drugs and alcohol-related incidents. All these kinds of arrest and imprisonment are accounted whether the person is convicted or proven innocent.

The information supplied in the police arrest record can be used in future hearings, or to dispute the charges filed in the court. It can be also the case’s key document if an arresting officer or law enforcement arrested a person unlawfully. Depending on the nature of the crime, most juvenile arrest records do not become part of an adult person’s permanent file.

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