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Starting And Building Your Family Tree

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While many people are happy with their present lives, it can be extremely interesting and gratifying to research their family roots and trace their origin and know how their ancestors lived and what they went through and accomplished in the past.

Performing a genealogy search or ancestry search is the best way to start constructing your own family tree. A genealogical search enables people to gather historical information about their family lineage and to find their grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, other relatives and distant ancestors.

With the information is easy enough to gather using today’s technology, having boxes of documents and stacks of old photos and information is not the best or most organized way to do it. The best way of documenting and preserving the family history is by making a family tree (also known as pedigree chart). A family pedigree is a way of representing family lineage and relationships through a tree framework – similar to a flowchart.

Family Tree Maker

In years past it was common to make the tree on paper, connecting pages together with tape or staples. Over time it would frequently take on the appearance of a mosaic. But paper has it’s drawbacks; it can get lost, torn, burned, shredded or otherwise mutilated. A far superior method has emerged with the development of sophisticated family tree maker software. This way the entire chart can be created, appended and saved to computer and backed up for safety and security. Plus, with mobile apps, you can take it with you on vacation or trips and update your family tree on the fly and simply synchronize it so you have the latest copy.

Creating a family tree usually begins by presenting the ancestors at the top and descendants at the bottom. It is elaborated by having the ancestors at the peak, children at the second line, and granddaughters and grandsons on the third line and so on. Some people also include many generations into the past, and with genealogical research sites like, and, one can add records, download records and update your family tree from generation to generation.

Creating a family pedigree for some might be a boring activity. But for people with strong family ties, this activity can be passed down to generations for them to know their origin. Family trees can be kept online and/or in albums containing the historical backgrounds and information from ancestors down to descendants along with pictures, important documents, birth certificates, death certificates, cemetery records, obituaries, military records, marriage and divorce records and much more.

How To Make a Family Tree

Family tree can help answer questions from your children like how their grandparents look or what are the names of their aunts, uncles or cousins. It can also provide information to future interests or hobbies of your children especially if they want to be someone like their grandparents used to be in the past. It can also be a tremendous reference tool for homework assignments for your children at school.

A good research should be established to fill-up the missing pieces of your family tree. Fortunately, free geneology search and ancestry search engines online and many other sources are available that can help you to gather sufficient information.

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Making a family tree is easy because of the sources you can obtain such as photos from the past, stories told by elders and information that you can get through online research like geneology search and ancestor search.

This website provides free ancestry search and genealogical search needed to build and construct your own family tree that can be shared and passed down for many generations!