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Public Records Search

Nationwide Public Records Search – FREE

Now you can review billions of public records, conduct in-depth research and even order background checks right from your desk.

All Records Search™ is the premiere free public records search provider where it’s ALWAYS free to search and ALWAYS cost-effective to download whatever information you need.

ARS is among the most comprehensive, most powerful and easiest to use multi-database search platforms in America; it also happens to be the most affordable. With it, you will enjoy unlimited access to an unprecedented collection of accurate, up-to-date information and public records on virtually anyone, anytime.

Public Records

FREE Public Records Search

ARS is a full service free public records search provider. From this portal you can run a variety of free searches and background checks and access billions of public records and other personal information on virtually anyone. And by utilizing this single specialized search platform, you will have access to information culled from tens of thousands of databases including:

  • Divorce Records
  • DMV Records
  • Driving Records
  • DUI Records
  • Felony Records
  • Genealogy Records
  • Government Records
  • Inmate Records
  • Jail Records
  • Land Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Military Records
  • Naturalization Records
  • Adoption Records
  • Ancestry Records
  • Arrest Records
  • Birth Records
  • Cemetery Records
  • Census Records
  • Civil Records
  • Civil War Records
  • County Records
  • Court Records
  • Crime Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Death Records
  • Obituary Records
  • Police Arrest Records
  • Police Records
  • Prison Records
  • Probate Records
  • Property Records
  • Property Tax Records
  • Public Records
  • Sex Offender Records
  • Social Security Records
  • State Records
  • Tax Records
  • Vital Records

A Word About Free Public Records

Ever since the internet became popular, there have been rumors that public records are free and that anyone can simply jump online and with a couple of keystrokes, every shred of information and every public record in existence will suddenly, magically appear on screen, available for free, instant download.

Nice fantasy; it’s just not true. In fact, it has NEVER been true.

The rumor of 100% free public records available online is absolutely, unequivocally a MYTH. The fact is that ALL public record providers charge fees to access their data; they always have – even before the internet. You don’t believe it? Simply call or Google your state’s office of vital records and see for yourself.

The reality is that all current public records databases are housed in massive computers and it costs money – a LOT of money – to maintain accurate, up-to-date public records; money that’s used to pay for facilities, software, equipment, staff, training, utilities, security, overhead, etc. That’s why they will never been free.

Dont believe it? We’re not making this up; Google your state’s vital records website and see for yourself.

State vital records offices nationwide typically charge between $8 and $30 per record for copies of birth, death, marriage, divorce and other vital records and many charge a $10 to $25 “rush” fee if you order online. WITH ARS YOU’LL GET UNLIMITED FREE SEARCH ON BILLIONS OF RECORDS, plus you can download an unlimited number of records for less than the cost of a single record in many states. You’ll also save time, energy and frustration because you’ll get all the records you need instantly – not mailed to you a month from now. Best of all, you’ll avoid having to pay for dozens of individual per-record fees, per-use fees, access fees or download fees.

If you’ve ever conducted any real records research online at all, you quickly discovered this fact for yourself; that nobody gives away public records free. ALL professionally maintained databases containing so-called ‘free public records’, ‘free arrest records’, ‘free court records‘, ‘free birth records’, ‘free death records‘, etc., charge access and download fees and/or per-use or per-record fees as well as handling, processing and shipping fees to offset the costs of maintaining said databases. Per-record fees are usually the most costly.

When you use ARS, you will have unlimited, free, instant search capability; and for less than it costs to buy one record in many states, you’ll get unlimited download capability for as many records as you need. You’ll also avoid wasting time and energy, you’ll get the records you need now – not a month from now – and most importantly, you’ll avoid paying dozens of individual per-record, per-use, “rush”, postage, shipping and/or download fees. In a nutshell, you’ll get a complete, reliable, cost-effective and up-to-date search every time.

ARS is among the most comprehensive research platforms on the internet so you can access billions of public records including government, military, birth and death, marriage and divorce, criminal, court, arrest, DUI & drug, police, jail, prison and inmate records, vital records and much more including access to massive, constantly evolving databases for ancestry, genealogy and family tree research and the national sex offenders registry. Our user interface is simple to use and lets you search, find and download the exact information you need quickly and confidentially; all from the privacy and security of your home or office.

You Can Even Search Public Records By State:

Public Records Search

Public Records Search

Background Checks

Background Investigations: It’s A Trust Thing

The idea of running criminal background checks on random people just 20 years ago was absolutely unheard of unless you were joining the FBI or the CIA but in modern life it has, unfortunately, become “a necessary evil” in many circles, and for good reason. With the emergence of the internet comes the ease and convenience of affordable, reliable, good quality criminal background checks so, in recent years, they have become the rule rather than the exception.

Most companies (and many individuals) have made the logical, understandable decision that they can no longer afford to be in the dark in terms of who they associate with, who they conduct business with, to whom they grant access to their homes, children, finances and businesses and who they trust, hire and employ.

A litany of dishonesty, deception and unprecedented acts of violence sweeping through schools, colleges and the workplace, secret affiliations with hate and terror related groups, stress-fueled workplace crimes and violence, shootings, sexual assaults and date-rape, arrests for battery, child abuse, drugs, DUI, financial and computer crimes, domestic violence, theft, fraud and sex offenders living amongst us; the list just seems to go on and on. Make no mistake; you are surrounded by people who wish to keep their secrets a secret from you.

The reality is that the real-world costs and consequences associated with “looking the other way” have now become so prohibitively expensive in terms of human lives and human suffering, plus stratospheric financial losses and losses in credibility, market-share and productivity, not to mention the enormous financial losses incurred from litigation and huge punitive damage awards, have created an atmosphere where background checks, criminal checks and date checks are just a normal part of people’s lives, as well as being an integral part of any pre employment screening processes.

But background checks aren’t just for employers anymore. Whether you’re an individual looking to date someone new, a college student moving in with a new roommate, a parent hiring a nanny or checking out your kid’s youth pastor, you’re taking on a new business partner, hiring domestic help, you get a weird vibe from your boss or a co-worker, you just want to protect yourself and your children by checking out your neighbors, or you own a small business that employs other people, the smart move is to take steps now to protect yourself and verify who it is exactly that you are allowing into your trust zone. Don’t wait; regret is a terrible thing – especially when it is so easy to prevent by running a fast, affordable, 100% confidential instant background check.

The takeaway for employers is that with this new reality comes a new responsibility, and a whole new world of liability if they’re foolish enough to ignore it. Courts have ruled thousands of times in recent years against companies for “negligent hiring”, noting that employers could have, and indeed should have, known about a foreseeable threat had they simply bothered to run a standard background check on an employee. For this reason, criminal background searches are now considered standard procedure during the hiring process and are regarded much like insurance – simply a cost of doing business to protect against the unforeseen.

Background Checks

Background Check

People Search | People Finder

People Search | People Finder

The sometimes impossible task of finding people just got a whole lot easier.

US Search

Whether you’re trying to track down a childhood friend, ex-lover, classmates, college friends, military buddies or you need to find your deadbeat ex or search for sex offenders in your neighborhood, ARS will give you answers…FAST.

Our people search capabilities include people finder, address search, classmate finder, email address search, phone number search, reverse phone, address and email lookup plus the national sex offenders registry.

People Search | People Finder

People Search